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From Private Cabinet Maker's Workshops to a Furniture Corporation…
Second half of 1949
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Székesfehérvári Asztalosipari Üzem (Székesfehérvár Cabinet Maker's Factory) the legal predeccessor of our organization was estabilished in 1949 after nationalization and merger of cabinet maker's workshops in the city. It produced kitchen furniture from varnished plywood, pieces for living and bedrooms, different items for schools and shops.
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Jan 01, 1973
Our company was the first in the country to start producing modern, coloured PVC-foiled furniture using a new technology in our Tátra Str workshop.
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The company started to produce a set of furniture from panels named Garzon first in Hungary, wich became very popular with owners of small flats in housing estates.
The company manufactures office furniture named Alfa besides home furniture.
As a result of privatization the company operates as a 100% Hungarian - owned company of shareholders called Garzon Furniture Corporation.
Jan 01, 2005
Garzon Furniture Trade Ltd. was founded and started to operate in cooperation with Garzon Furniture Corp.
A Short Summary
The organization has always played a leading role in furniture producing and supplying in Hungary.

Proved by its story and success, the company has always been able to reorganise its structure and production.

The Székesfehérvár located organization is a furniture producer and trader mainly for centralized public acquisition. It is a properly capitalized company with a 2 billion plus annual revenue, its past in production goes high back, operates an ISO quality control system, running a main entrepreneur's trade and production business.

It's strategic fields are:
  • office furniture production
  • producing furniture for hospitals
  • furniture for schools, dormitories, higher education institutes
  • furnishing hotels, pensions
  • producing home funiture
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