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Medical and hospitals furniture

Garzon Med is a flexibile furniture family specially designed for a wide variety of hospital requirements, it can be flexibly varied by its selection and for the different functions, as well as it has a great variety of outer forms, colors and special purposes according to the local requirements.

The materials used and the surfaces, as well as their physical, mechanical, chemical and hygienic features are suitable for the special requirements of the usage. Beside its practical, special and advantageous features, its esthetic look postively influences the working of the hospital employees and the good moods and recovery of the patients. The product has all the relevant tehnical supervisory authorities' (EMI, FAIMEI) permissions, and the manufacturer company has the ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificate, wich grants the reliable quality.

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Basically these are office rooms, where doctors can perform their own jobs, or meeting with colleges, patients, relatives or having rest. Beside the hospital furniture series of the Garzon - Med, the full office furniture series of the company is sugg ested here adjusted to the image of the hospital.

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Laboratory furniture

Laboratory furniture may be used not only near or on the walls as wall-mounted elements, but in the middle of the rooms backed to one another or separeted with storing shelf-racks and formed as islands. Certainly the necessary electrical connections and switchboards are provided to them as possible in these cases.

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Special medical rooms


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